Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tonegowa Servo Success...

Tonight I tested a valve based on the tonegawa PS-050 servo. It's 890 grams and seems perfect. I'm posting a video of the 350 PSI LN2 test and it works really well. The video is at here. The mechanical set up for the tested valve had a few issues. So my son built a second valve based on the Tonegawa it is 781 grams and works just as well. I think we have our first flight weight bit of actual XPC hardware.


Anonymous said...

Well done. Is your assembly cheaper or more expensive than the off-the-shelf KZO valve ?

Paul Breed said...

Tonegowa $196.00
Misc Hardware $20.00
Three piece Valve:$23.22
Broken high quality Tap 9.00
(I'm breaking about 1 per valve assembly in the stainless arms.)
Overall cost less than $300
about $200 cheaper than the KZCO
(this is a 3/8 valve the KZCO was 1/2)