Thursday, November 02, 2006

Decisions already made...

On my very first post I posted a list of questions and decisions
that need to decided and answered.
In reality some of the decisions have been made by defualt.

Where can you test a rocket?

All of the significat testing will be done at the FAR site.
What will the AST (government) let you test?
I just don't know yet. All of the significat milestones can be tested under the 15 second non-licensed rules. The 90 and 180 second hovers can be done on a tether.
Do you build things in your shop or hire out to have part made?
I've spent the last two years equiping my shop, so for me this is a no brainer.
I have a converted 13x40CNC lathe and a Tormach PCNC100.

hat parts do you buy?
Anything youcan. In reality . Maybe some and some elctronics assemblies, but most of the stuff is built from scratch.

hat parts you design and build yourself?
Almost everything.
What fuel do you use?
While I've toyed with hydrogen peroxide, the reality is that the only resonable propellants are something and Lox. for ease of development something is almost certain to be good old moonshine otherwise known as

Whoose techncal advise do you trust?
I trust the guys at flowmetrics.
I trust the written wizdom of John Carmack and the Armadillo team.
I trust the Masten folks.
At some level I'll trust anyone that has actually built a biprop motor and run it.

Do you buy an almost working design form a competitor?
One of the other teams has a nice motor design they are willing to sell me at a resonable price.
the only problem is that its the wrong motor. It's the right size, but its too high of pressure to run with a pressure fed system capable of doing 190 seconds. It's damm tempting, but
not until I try on my own and fail.

Do you have the budget to do this at all?
I hope so, please see the previous post.


Anonymous said...

You say that you're going to try developing a rocket engine first (with buying an engine being a fallback plan). But the FAR site is all the way up at Mojave, and you're down in San Diego area aren't you? The Masten guys and Armadillo guys have had lots of issues with having to deal with remote tests sites in the past, how do you intend to be able to get enough tests in with that large of a commute to actually refine and field a liquid fueled rocket engine?

Also, do you have other people in on your team, or is it just you? Do you have a fully-built and instrumented test stand there at FAR, or are you going to have to roll your own?

Paul Breed said...

The team currently consists of
two members my self and my 20 yr old son. I expect to add two to four more as time goes on. We have a test stand fabricated and ready to go, but we
are having valve freezup problems.
So we are currently working a building a robust bullet proof actuated valve.

Yes the commute from San Diego to FAR is an issue.

I hope to develope the stability, control and navagaion systems on a large RC helicopter that can be flown locally.

The rocket bits will mean weekly trips to FAR/Mojave.