Friday, November 20, 2015

motor design...

Here is a quick note about the Motor we are going to fire on Saturday...

The Grey is the 3D printed motor.
The Light Blue is the part I turned and machined (4 times)
The Gold is the peroxide going down the cooling passages...
The Red is the peroxide coming back up the cooling passages... (The gold and red connect at the right end of this drawing.
The Green is the Catalyst pack that turns the oxidizer from liquid to Steam and hot Oxygen.
The Yellow in the band around the middle and in (two shown) the four fuel injectors that inject fuel just below the cat pack.


Carl Tedesco said...

Looks simple & elegant! Wish I could make it out there to watch this weekend, but it is not to be. Good luck.

Joel C. Sercel, PhD said...

Great meeting you today and congrats on a great rocket engine design.

Joel C. Sercel, PhD said...

Great meeting you today and congrats on a great rocket engine design.

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