Monday, September 05, 2011

Back from the dust...

I fixed the hacked blogger script that was redirecting.
In the process of removing 23 layers of dust from the RV.
The whole pack up and go to the desert for 5 days thing made me really think about the scale of whats needed to actually colonize someplace off planet. More later.
The wedding went off well and was kind of fun.


Joe Stanton said...

I like my Lance Camper. Put some of Mr. Bass' magic goo on it, and a few thrusters and I could be happy in orbit.

dave w said...

Went with a friend to an Aeropac launch 10 years ago (same time as Burning Man: some folks came over in an "art car" and said hello) - one night we went for a walk out on the desert, just far enough that the launch site wasn't directly visible but we could barely hear the generators - and we said to each other "except for the breathable atmosphere, this is almost what it would be like on an early expedition to an alien planet!" said...

What namely you're saying is a terrible blunder.

bmpharmacy said...

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jacob.chancery said...

Yeah, having spent some time at the desert test areas I'm starting to think that colonizing Mars wouldn't be much fun. I've spent many years working for companies trying to send people to Mars (Ad Astra and SpaceX). But now I'm starting to think that while the technology is super fun, perhaps the resources would be better spent colonizing antarctica. It's ever so much warmer than Mars and has a lot more water and sunlight.

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