Sunday, February 06, 2011

Saturday Testing...

We went out to FAR on Saturday. It was a normal Saturday at FAR.
  • UCLA was fireing a 2Klb Nitrous Hybrid Motor.of their own design. They had a good firing and learned a lot.
  • There were several EX solid flights including an M.
  • An experimental Steam Hybrid Motor.
  • The site next door, RRS fired a large 10K lb (my guess) biprop liquid for a 10 seconds or so a good rumble.
  • We fired our small Gasoline/H2O2 regen 3D printed DMLS stainless motor.
We had a good firing, basic results:
  • Our Cat pack issue is resolved, it started right up and ran perfectly. It looks like lots of anti channel rings are really important.
  • The motor is running a bit lean as the flame was completely transparent.
  • We ran for about 60 seconds so we reached thermal equilibrium.
  • We are completely paranoid about material compatibility on the H2O2 side of the test stand. It appears we need to be more paranoid about the fuel side as the gasoline ate the seals out of one of our fuel valves.
  • I'll try to publish data this week.
  • We should also have access to video later this week.
Unreasonable is basically testing with a two person team. This makes it really hard to take proper pictures and video of the testing. On Saturday there were some guys from a couple of LA hacker spaces (crash space and null space) that came out to FAR and were filming everything. They took a bunch of pictures and videoed the test. When they post these we will post a link here. So... if anyone wants to comne otu to the site and take pictures you are always welcome. We expect to be testing on the first and third Saturday of every month for the foreseeable future.


QuantumG said...

Did you learn much from firing a printed motor? For example, now that you've seen it go is there any design changes you would make?

Dan S. said...

Did you measure thrust and get Isp?

Paul Breed said...

We measured
tank pressures.
feed pressures.

We did not get a good propellant weight so we can't get a good ISP number. We need to do some optimization on O:F mixture ratio.
We will get an ISP number ext time out. This was more of a "functional" test, did the CAT pack work, did the motor melt, did we get data etc....

Ed L said...

I also have some pictures I took of the setup leading to the testing. You can find them here:

Stevo Harrington said...

You can get some turbine meters and measure the ISP in real time. That way you can change the flow rates with electronic pressure regulators during the test and measure the instantaneous ISP.

Paul Breed said...

Not sure how to get a H2O2 compatible turbine flow meters, as the ones off E-bay are of unknown materials, and special order custom ones are too pricey....

SpaceHippy Matt said...

Thanks for hosting Clive and team from the hackerspaces. We got a real kick from the stories and inspiration upon their return.

dave w said...

That's a pretty chamber assembly in the photos! (You've gone to Swagelok vs. flare fittings for this test setup?)
- -- -
Problem with turbine flowmeters is you have to be careful not to vent gas through them (like at tank depletion) - high RPM and no lubrication are rough on 'em.


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