Monday, November 15, 2010

My weekend ......Frustrating

We went out to FAR and set up the test stand.
Everything checked out we put in the fuel (gasoline) and
were preparing to load peroxide. When we opened the cap
there was a black substance stuck to the cap, when we open more fittings
there was an unknown black substance. The tank had been a peroxide tank.
It sat in the garage sealed for 2 years. On Friday we hydroed the tank and say no sign of contamination. The rough drive out to FAR dislodged some kind of black/brown powder from the inside of the tank. The powered looks like Iron rust on close inspection and is very reactive with peroxide. So the test was scrapped. It makes me wonder if something is leaching out of the aluminum after being stored for a long period.

We need to add interior visual inspection to the check list for all stored tanks, even if properly sealed and stored.

We worked on the big generator, burning the stale diesel and replacing with fresh. (Still not running)

On the plus side we did get our primary storage container cleaned up.
(As a result the garage at home is in distress once again)

We tested some of the super chemical compatible K190 resin for peroxide compatibility. It responded almost identically to the easier to get Vipel F010. A slight etching of the surface.

We'll see if we can fabricate a new test stand tank this week, and try again next weekend.

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Ian Woollard said...

FWIW I left a peroxide in an aluminium frying pan, and it went black on the surface.

After thinking about it I think that the black powder itself may well just be aluminium oxide- aluminium goes black like that when you anodise it because it makes lots of little pores in the surface that tend to trap the light.

So I *think* that the peroxide has basically anodised it. Basically you didn't wash it out after use. It shouldn't be reactive though.

But red stuff is a whole different thing, maybe you had some stainless somewhere and the peroxide, over time, managed to corrode it a bit or something. Whatever that is, it's scary.