Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend update...

The stainless motor and test stand are almost ready to test.
Waiting for some more silver screen to arrive so I can make small cat packs rather than wastefully cut up 6" packs.

I worked on putting some more storage and shelving into the garage.
(My son finally gave up on the fantasy that one might someday park a car in there)

Sunday I went out to FAR and worked on getting generator set up for Propellant processing facility. I've never had a gas motor beat me, alas the universe is telling be I'm not a diesel mechanic. Will try again next time on site.

I will be at the conference on the 29th 30,31st so if your there say hi.

As a science geek I enjoyed the 4 part videos from LPP power they are trying to do fusion on a shoestring and are being very open about the process. A long shot but if something like this works it changes the world..... Part 1


QuantumG said...

I don't really think LPP is a long shot.. but maybe that's just me.

I think next year we will be in the odd situation where controlled net heat from fusion has been demonstrated and is in the literature. Maybe even by the end of the year someone will have confirmed the experiment.

Note that this doesn't mean anything practical will have resulted. LPP will have to raise capital for a new development program, and fundamentally that means demonstrating that the "own" the technique.

Snibble said...

I have found that calling a space "the workshop" goes a long way toward removing the fantasy that an automobile should regularly be parked there.

Maybe stop calling your workspace a "garage" and the world will be your oyster?

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