Monday, June 07, 2010

Parts Came in...

The sheet of paper the parts are laying on is 8.5x11"
My Welder Sent me this Picture . He still needs to weld the bottom manifold on,
When I ordered this version I did not order the bottom manifold because I had one. alas I was showing the previous version to people and either I left it at FAR, or someone walked off with it.
I've ordered another bottom manifold ring it will be two weeks or so.


Timothy J. Massey said...

So little! :) How is the finish on these parts? 3D printed parts often have finish difficulties which can't help coolant flow...

Bill Hensley said...

They look real! Can't wait to hear how they really work.

Paul Breed said...

They are Real, funny how real parts printed from a computer sitting on real paper on a steel table (at my welders shop) look like a ray-traced computer generated image.
(Photo taken with Nexus-one phone camera )

Joe said...

Nice pieces. Which vehicle are these going into, or are they test stand articles?

Paul Breed said...


A 6" diameter Rocket aprox 10 to 12 ft long.

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