Sunday, April 11, 2010

Space Access 10

I had a great time at space access. It was strange to be showing a space access regular the plastic model of the 75lb motor I'm having 3D printed in stainless and the CTO of Lockheed interrupts and asks for my business card. The motors is a 50 to 75 pound regen peroxide hydrocarbon biprop. I've ordered one from the 3D printer and I'll show pictures when I get it. This drawing shows 4 of these tucked into a 6" airframe:

For those of you that follow the blog that was actually the only 100% new picture in my entire presentation. I also talked about restarting my composite tank work that I started in 2006 at the very begining of the blog. (Go back and reread the first few months)

The Technical plan going forward is in several steps. Working on a smaller scale I can do 100% of this plan within my current budget.
1)Build a 4 engine gimbaled monoprop that uses irrigation tubing and HPR style recovery. I expect this to take two months to get ready for first flight attempt, this puts it in the middle of summer so first flight might be delayed until september as FAR in summer is miserable.

1a)In parallel test the bi prop motor I'm having printed.

1b)In parallel develop composite polyethylene lined tanks.

1c)Build some small canards for the 6" airframe and see if we can make it glide with tanks empty.

In no particular order do the following:

Trade out the mono prop motors for the bi-prop. (I'll Probably crash the mono-prop so its probably a series of mono-prop then bi-prop.)

Substitute the composite tanks for Irrigation tubing tanks.(or alternatively put one of Steves Flometrics pistonless pumps in instead of the composite airframe.)

Fly the whole assembly to 100K ft

Fly the vehicle to 100K ft twice in one day.

Seems like a simple list its probably two years work.
The first unpleasant step is to clean up my Garage so I can actually work on anything.


David said...

Interesting as well as being a good plan costed and targets at achievable levels. I look forward to following along (as I had with your previous efforts). Good luck.

Gabriel said...

Quite a plan... Flying a rocket with a pistonless pump could help prove an interesting but underrated technology.

Stevo Harrington said...

A pumped rocket can be scaled up for orbital applications and it's easy to pump peroxide


mp_meijering said...

Are you still considering an electric pump at some point?

Chris Stelter said...

Very interesting.... especially about the pump. I was wondering when you VTVL guys (the trio of you, Masten, and Armadillo) were going to try a pump.

Also, really cool how now we can design an engine on a computer and have it printed in 3d in stainless steel! Finally, the technology revolution of the last three or four decades is starting to make a big difference in building rocket hardware.... (okay, that's a little simplistic, since there has been a lot of progress, but still...)

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