Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wind blown and dried out

Just got back from the desert. I spent two days on site at FAR, I went out Thursday night, I was there to help unload some deliveries of steel and concrete block Friday Morning.  The deliveries are for new viewing bunkers as the existing viewing bunker has been over full and crowded for a couple of recent launches.

I also got 3000 lbs of 50% peroxide delivered. I think I’ve resolved my propellant supply.

I spent most of the day Friday working on our refining equipment. Saturday was a general FAR work party.  I’d hoped to run the first de-ionization steps on the new propellant, alas it was really hot and the temperatures were just too high to do this safely.  I’d also hoped to fly the blue ball under tether but it was too windy. I did fly the helicopter in 25+ MPH gusty winds and it did just fine.

I spent two full days working hard and accomplished one of my three primary goals for the trip. There are always lots of secondary goals to accomplish. Often simple things like: we now have 5 large  bottles of compressed nitrogen on site and I had no way to tie them all down properly. I’d been laying the bottles on their sides. Now the bottles are standing up and properly restrained  to the container wall.



Timothy J. Massey said...

Would you mind sharing some pictures of your container? I would love to see your facilities. Sadly, FAR is only about 3000 miles from here... :)

Also, congrats on solving your peroxide problem! I have feared you would have supply problems: I am *very* glad your hard work and ingenuity have paid off!

By my math, 3000 pounds of 50% peroxide is roughly 200 gallons of 90%, assuming almost no loss in refining the peroxide. How long will that last?

Thank you again for the updates!

David said...

Good news that you have the peroxide supply issues sorted out.

I do not quite understand how it generally works at FAR. It would appear facilities are shared so you all chip in and fix/work on areas of common need. Is there a community is just a good bunch of people doing the work and making the decisions? In addition, there must also be other private areas allocated for each user/member for the storage of propellant and manufacturing/refining equipment and maybe even general paraphernalia.

Thank you.

Paul Breed said...

Formally FAR is a non-profit whose goal is to promote amateur rocketry.

On a practical basis FAR has "launches" The first and third Saturday of almost every month.

If you want to come out and fly something you need to contact one of the FAR board members, Kevin Baxter or Mark Holthaus. Some groups pay to use the facility from time to time, others contribute time and material.
It's often the case that on-site labor is in shorter supply than materials to complete projects.

Several "regulars" have gotten permission to place 20' storage containers on site. Unreasonable Rocket has one such container for general storage, and one that we are installing our peroxide processing system into.

It is my intent to make the peroxide facility available for anyone that wants to do peroxide projects at FAR.

The dated FAR web site is here:

David said...

Thank you for the explanation.

Anonymous said...

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