Friday, April 18, 2008

Plumbing complete

The vehicle plumbing is complete. I should have the Jet vanes finished Saturday. That leaves wiring. We weighed the vehicle as is and its  96 lbs . We have less than 5 more pounds to add (not including payload) and we should be a full 25% under our target weight. We can meet our 90 second hover with an average achieved ISP of 79 seconds.

Without payload running 90% peroxide we should be able to hover for 160 seconds.

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Timothy J. Massey said...

Where or how are you getting your peroxide? AA abandoned monoprop work because they couldn't get 90% peroxide... One of the updates mentioned that one of his biggest regrets was not becoming an anchor customer of a startup offering 90% peroxide, which forced him (after a long struggle) into LOX engines.