Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We will be displaying at XPC.

I've been having an internal debate about coming to the Xprize cup as an exhibitor or strictly as an observer. Unlike the other teams that are are looking to raise capital and awareness, we are not yet trying to do that. So I was hesitant to spend the money necessary to transport stuff to the show. I've decided that it would serve my larger goals of showing that small teams and individuals can do significant things in "space development" so we will be there.

We will be bringing the complete vehicle minus some valves and plumbing.
We may also bring the test stand carcass, the test helicopter, and and a video display. If you are coming to the show stop by and say hi.

On a personal note I went to the Plaster Blaster event last Saturday and spent the day watching a huge array of people launch rockets of all shapes and sizes. It was my first trip to a high power rocket event. The Xwing ( very cool, but all in all I found the event somewhat depressing. There were several cool projects, but none of the projects seemed to be advancing the state of the art. In some ways it seemed like a conspicuous consumption event. To be fair I saw a lot of families there and that was a very cool aspect to the event. My wife chastised me for this attitude, and said who am I to be judging other peoples efforts. She is probably right.

Lastly I've not done ANY thing on the rocket in the last month, I needed the break. I've been trying to catch up at work, organize my office and play some video games... (online chess and replaying all the original starcraft scenarios.)


Henry said...

Glad to hear you'll be bringing your hardware to XPC - I've been following your journal and would love to have a look at it and chat to you there.

Henry Hallam
Cambridge University Spaceflight / MIT Rocket Team

Ferris Valyn said...

Look forward to seeing it Paul

One question - whats the danger of additional damage caused by more transport?

Paul Breed said...

We are trying different transport.
Its a problem we must solve.
We can't fly from our garage...
So its just as important as having a motor that does not melt.


Larry Gitlitz said...

Paul, you made no mention of the true events that took place at that X-Wing launch. Here is the unedited tape of the X-Wing disaster:

Hopefully the Holloman Air Force Base has their anti-air defenses up for the LLC... One day we will rid the universe of the Empire and their pesky TIE Fighters.