Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick Update on LLC 2007

Since I posted my Out of Time post, a couple of teams have
announced to the world what they had told me in private.

Very Secret I know almost nothign about their progress. They had an unflown vehicle at the 2006 XPC, they could be the dark horse. They have an interesting control scheme that always made me wonder.

As ready as anyone could be, the "Gold Standard"

Bon Nova:
They have posted a couple of very quick Rocket Motor videos, the longest being several seconds. We posted our 106 Second firing in April and we did not make it. They have posted no vehicle hardware pictures.

They just announced on their blog they are out for 2007.

Micro space:
Failed to attend the required team meeting in Aug.

Paragon Labs:
They have a very credible vehicle, well constructed and professional Another team that is somewhat secretive and an unknown. They posted finished airframe and rocket firing pictures in Aug. They were planning to have throttling via movable pintile in the all aluminum motor, while technically very cool, not easy to do and Armadillo was never able to make an all aluminum motor last without melting.

Speed Up:
Announced that they will not make 2007.

Unreasonable Rocket:
Announced we will not make it in 2007.

Team X :
Pulled out before the Last team summit.


kert said...

to be fair, with Texel gone, Armadillo is not in the ideal position either.
There is a good chance that both prizes will go unclaimed this year.

Anonymous said...

If they get the permit for the modular vehicle there should be no problems. They intend to bring a spare for level 1 (2 modular vehicles that is).

Certainly, if they won't get the experimental permit it will be more interesting. Pixel flying flying for both level 1 and 2 (or are there regulations against it?).

Paul Breed said...

The rules say one vehcle can only do one level. So if they don't get the modular permit then John has a difficult choice.....

Anonymous said...

about the Google Lunar X Prize... probably this prize CAN have a WINNER...