Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another long burn

We tested this weekend.
We ran the motor 113 seconds. The video is here...

More info later.


Carl Tedesco said...

The video is not available.

--- Carl

Paul Breed said...

It is now... you tube sometimes takes awhile.

Big Hair Bobby said...

The video looks really good. Thanks for a chance to sit in your bunker. We had a great weekend. Thanks from Troop 107!

from troop 107

ps...Hoping you have plenty lox - good luck!

Damien T said...

Really nice ! I'm happy to see that your project is going well, congratulations.

Jesse Diller said...

Nice and smooth!! Was it just me seeing things, or did you try to throttle the engine a little about halfway through? I thought I saw something about 1:20 in the video like a throttle up. Was that just a tank pressurization event or something?

In any case, congrats on the UNeventful firing!! hope that it helps clear up those chamber failure problems!

Paul Breed said...

We did do some throttle tests,
We did not throttle much, but we
throttled to the point that the chamber presure was just starting to change. We will do a deeper throttle test next run.

Gabriel said...

Congrats on a great firing.

This is a long stable burn. Very impressive.

- Gabriel -

Paul Breed said...

Just a post to the Scout troop:
I hope you guys had fun out at FAR.
I enjoyed doing the show and tell.
Its nice to see kids with an interest in building things and asking good questions. You guys seemed to have an endless stream of Small rockets flying.


R2K said...

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