Friday, May 25, 2007

Learning Curve/Frustration...

I brazed my last injector myself, but it got really oxidized.
I was worried about the black oxide flakes plugging up the injector.
So I thought I would step up to the plate and have the next one furnace brazed.

So I did about 30 hours of machining making all the parts and took it to a company that specializes in furnace brazing. As I did it all myself I had the peice part drawings, but did not have an assembly drawing. The parts only fit together one way.

So I carefully showed them how it all goes together with the warning that it was very important that the gap between the pintile and the injector face not be brazed....

Unfortunately the person doing the work was not the person I presented the parts to. The person I presented the parts to came from the shop end of the building so I figured he would be doing the work.

I got it back today and the gap between the pintile and injector plate is brazed shut. $200.00 of telerium copper and more importantly 30 hours of work are scrap. Argggh!

Key learning point.... If the shop is used to detailed assembly drawings provide them one. Even if it is self explanatory to you it may not be so to them.


Carl Tedesco said...

Bummer Paul. I feel bad since I recommended the shop. In their defense, they do excellent work. Hopefully this was just a one time problem.

Paul Breed said...

It was my problem I did not provide the necessary information.
It was not there issue, it was mine.

Paul Breed said...

Just a general comment about blame.
It would be really easy to be pissed off at the brazing vendor and blame them, but they tried and I did not provide them enough info to do the job correctly. They offered to refund my $, I declined because they are running a business and they did what I asked of them.
not exactly correctly, but to the best of their knowledge and ability at the time.

If I had provided a print and they ignored I would be somewhat pissed, but even then I'd put them on my don't use again vendor list and just walk away. Stuff happens.